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National Brass Band Festival in Konopiskach was created to promote and present the best instrumental bands in front of the local community. The cycle was launched in 2011 - on the initiative of the then mayor of Konopiska Grzegorz Socha and local government. During the three first editions in the year 2011.2012 and 2013 - Festival took the form of Parade of marching brass bands, where the orchestras demonstrated their skills along with majorettes presentation, during the Annual Days of Konopiska. From 2014 - in consultation with the governing bodies, the Council of Municipalities and the Municipal Culture and Recreation Center - Parade Orchestras have been converted into National Brass Band Festival competition. Now the Festival is permanently established in the schedule of events during the Annual Days of Konopiska and attracts the best of the best Orchestras from across the Poland and the group of majorettes accompanying them.


Brief Historical Overview

The first brass band in Konopiskach was established in November 1927 at the initiative of the local organist Wentlanta, on the tenth anniversary of the OSP in Konopiska during the celebration of dedication of the standard. Since its inception, the Orchestra did not play in a continuous manner due to adverse conditions first World War II, and later the general problems of the orchestra. In 1981, the General Assembly TSO Konopiska reactivated the orchestra, which plays continuously since. The initiator of the reactivation of the orchestra was scout Boleslaw Zhukov with Jan Ankowski and Antoni Saczek. The first concert of the renewed orchestra took place during the Fireman's Day in 1982. Orchestra in the first team consisted of 20 people, they were: Jan Chwist, Jan Ciuk, Witold Ciuk, Wladyslaw Foks Kazimierz Jarosik, Dariusz Kowalik, Grzegorz Kowalik Krzysztof Kruk, Jacek Lelit, Jerzy Modlawski, Edward Mrowiec, Janusz Mrowiec, Andrzej Słabosz, Robert Spyra, Franciszek Szymonik, Adam Trzyna, Jerzy Turos, Stanislaw Walczak. The leader of the orchestra was Kazimierz Jarosik, then his son Witold Jarosik and later Zenon Morawiec. Since March 1993 to 31 December 2004 Leader of the orchestra was Wieslaw Pitulski. From 1 st of January 2005, the orchestra is conducted by Tomasz Hadrian, and since 2007 the president of the orchestra is Jacek Walentek. Currently, the orchestra has 50 musicians, with many of its alumni members. As one of the best in the country, orchestra graces their performances during all kinds of events, concerts and festivals. Musicians of Orchestra OSP Konopiska have extensive range of experience, playing a verity of music from Strauss to Davis. They perform classical music, film and entertainment. Orchestra is often accompanied by singers and soloists. The orchestra may be touring alone or accompany soloists, instrumentalists and vocalists. The orchestra has recently joined concerts with stars such as Katarzyna Skrzynecka, Grazyna Brodzinska and Marcin Jajkiewicz.

Majorettes "Szyk"

Alongside with the orchestra, a group of majorettes "Szyk" is operating at GCKiR in Konopiska. Participating not only in marches and parades, but also performing their own dance choreography to the music of the orchestra. Currently, a group’s instructors are Chetkowska Magdalena and Magdalena Biskupska. In GCKiR are three groups of majorettes; toddlers, mid-level and advance group which members are part of majorettes "Szyk", which have a proven track record of success, lately winning first place at the International Festival of Euro Musiktage Bosel in Germany.

Majorettes instructor and choreographer and dancer at group Szyk. A graduate of pedagogy, social work and certified by the Association of Majorettes Tamburmajorek and Cheerleading Polish dance instructor. Her classes is where accuracy, consistency and friendly atmosphere, are the most important aspects. Believes in creating a sense of care is crucial part of being a great instructor. Feels the need for continuous development and loves to infect others with her passion for dance. She is with the orchestra and majorettes since 2001. Privately she uses her knowledge and skills as an assistant to the family.

Her adventure with Orchestra and the dance began in 2001. After being an experienced dancer for many year she is now dedicated to her passion as a dance instructor with Majorettes. Guided by the principle of the correct attitude and synchronization she is a goal getter striving to reach her objectives. Gained her experience through numerous training courses and workshop sand now shares her knowledge and love for dance. After graduating from the Technical University of Czestochowa she works at Yawal SA.

Suporting group

With a great joy we are pleased to announce the creation of support groups for Orchestra and Majorettes - Konopiska !!! Initiated by the Association Orchestra TSO Konopiskach and a group of parents - enthusiasts of their children’s talents , 02.10.2017, at the headquarters of the Orchestra in Konopiska, there was a meeting at which initiation adopted a Resolution calling "support groups Orchestra and the Majorettes - Konopiska" The group will aimed to actively participate in the daily life of the Orchestra and Majorettes, implement their own ideas, support musicians and dancers in the preparation of concerts, events and trips. Enthusiasm of the people who found the time for this kind of pro-social activity inspire us tremendously and we are optimistic about the further development of orchestra and majorettes "Szyk". Such activities always motivate us to work even harder and attaining the development plan for the years 2017/18 Orchestra. We invite all interested persons to contact in case join support groups for Orchestra and Majorettes - Konopiska. For any additional information please contact Mr.Slawomir Stepniak – phone +48509553535


Chairman of the Board of the Association of Orchestra OSP Konopiska, Graduate of the School of Jazz and Entertainment them. Krzysztof Komeda in Warsaw, multi- instrumentalist, "irreplaceable" man, promoter and animator of all kinds of instrumental ensembles. Since 1991 organizor and orginator of the New Year concert series and the National Festival of Orchestras in Konopiska.  Personal life-on everyday he is a tradesman, happily married to Kamila and father of Liwia.

Member of the Board of the Association of Orchestra TSO Konopiska, a longtime musician - multi-instrumentalist. Continuously serving the association since reactivation in 1982. Councilman of the Commune Konopiska in the current term. Called the "good spirit of the Orchestra" he belives to be the heart of the orchestra since playing on the drum and marching percussion. Personal life - happily married to Malgorzata, father of Kamila and Anna and proud Grandpa of Lena and Julia.

Treasurer of the Association of Orchestra OSP Konopiska, a longtime musician - saxophonist, the "brain" behind all the financial logistics. On every day merchant and product manager in the construction industry, coach in training and trade negotiations. In personal life- completely and madly in love with his two ladies: wife Agata and daughter Ola. Part of the Orchestra since 1999.

Secretary of the Association of Orchestra OSP Konopiska, a longtime musician – trombonist. Part of the Orchestra since 1986. Privately, tradersman specializing in marketing, for him everything is possible. In the Association he makes sure that "everything works like in a well-oiled machine." In personal life- happy husband of Katarzyna and proud father of Zuzia and Filip.

Music School

Music school runs under the patronage of the Municipal Center of Culture and Recreation in Konopiska since January 2006. All school instructors are highly qualified individuals specializing in a given instrument, educators with a large experience, passionate about teaching children and young people – our future musicians of the orchestra. Classes consist of: learning to play musical instruments, brass: trumpet, French horn, tenor, baritone, trombone, tuba, woodwind flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussion, lessons in music theory. Classes are designed to start working with youth entering fifth grade of elementary school, however we do invite musician of all age to start our classes as everyone is welcomed. If you interested here is how to join, simply visit our headquarters. There is always open season for recruitment.

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